Football Whoopie Pies

Chocolate whoopie pies shaped like footballs with a fluffy marshmallow buttercream filling for a festive game time treat that’s sure to be a winner! The big game is this weekend and every game day spread deserves a great dessert that’s easy to eat and that everyone will love. These festive football-shaped chocolate whoopie pies are sure to be a winner no matter the outcome of the game. Two football-shaped chocolate cake-like cookies are sandwiched together with a sweet and simple marshmallow buttercream and decorated to look like footballs for a fun treat that nobody would even think about thr...

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Peanut Butter Brownies

It’s all about the peanut butter in these rich and chewy brownies that are easy to bake and go great with a big glass of milk or scoop of ice cream! I have to confess that when I make sweet treats with peanut butter in them I almost always combine it with chocolate. Peanut butter and chocolate are a match made in heaven that’s for sure, but I think it’s time we let peanut butter take the stage alone in all its deliciousness. These peanut butter brownies give peanut butter it’s chance to shine and boy does it! No chocolate needed, just pure peanut butter bliss. Of course, you could stir in some...

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Orange Pecan French Toast

Fabulous french toast that’s soaked with fresh orange juice and zest before being baked to golden crisp perfection and topped with a toasted pecan infused maple syrup. French toast is seriously the most fabulous weekend breakfast I can think of. It’s super easy yet tastes so amazingly special! I baked up this fabulous Orange Pecan French Toast in celebration of my sweet friend Caroline and her baby-to-be! Some other of her blogger friends and I are surprising Caroline today with a citrus-themed virtual baby shower! Surprise, Caroline! How amazing it would be if we were all together...

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Meet the BakerMama

bakermama-circWelcome to The BakerMama! My name is Maegan and I’m just a Mama who loves to Bake!

Meet Maegan


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