Nutella Baklava

This Nutella baklava is the best! Crisp buttery layers of phyllo filled with Nutella, chopped hazelnuts and honey that’s easy to make and bakes into one amazing dessert! Who knew baklava could get any better?! Don’t get me wrong, I love a good traditional baklava, but when I put Nutella between those crispy buttery layers of phyllo, it was love at first bite! I could barely hold back my excitement as I was preparing this easy dessert to finish off our Mediterranean feast the other night. I had a feeling it would be amazing, but seriously, this baklava blew us away! So many textures and sweet b ...

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Butterscotch Blondies

Pure butterscotch bliss in these decadent and delicious blondies! I’ve seen so many butterscotch options at restaurants, bakeries and ice cream shops lately and I love it! Butterscotch pot de crème, butterscotch chip cookies, butterscotch swirled ice cream…if it’s butterscotch, I’m bound to try it! This butterscotch come back inspired me to start baking butterscotch flavor into more of my goodies. I started with these buttery butterscotch blondies. There’s no mistaking these blondies for anything but butterscotch. Super sweet and super simple blondies that are baked with all brown sugar, a pac ...

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Whole Wheat Banana Nut Carrot Cake Bread

Carrot cake meets banana nut bread in this healthy hearty loaf that’s moist and marvelous. Carrot cake is one of my absolute favorite cakes and this time of year, I crave it like crazy! Of course, I bake carrot cakes year round, but come springtime, I’m looking for any and all reasons to bake a carrot cake. As much as I love a moist sweet carrot cake with a thick covering of cream cheese frosting, I probably shouldn’t satisfy my craving with something that indulgent every single day. So I baked up this healthier loaf of banana nut bread that’s loaded with shredded carro ...

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Meet the BakerMama

bakermama-circWelcome to The BakerMama! My name is Maegan and I’m just a Mama who loves to Bake!

Meet Maegan


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