Cookie Dough Frosted Fudge Brownies

Rich fudge brownies topped with a dreamy chocolate chip cookie dough frosting for an outrageous brownie eating experience! Honestly, every time I bake my one bowl fudge brownies, I think…it doesn’t get any better than this! So easy to bake and pure brownie bliss to eat. They just melt in your mouth with all their gooey fudgy goodness. We love love love these brownies! Well, the other night I proved my thoughts wrong when I topped a batch of these warm brownies with a creamy dreamy cookie dough frosting. I combined my love for brownies and cookies and all I could think was why have...

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Dinner Rolls

Warm buttery dinner rolls with a crisp outside and soft inside that go great with just about any meal! I love bread! Like really really love it! A meal without bread always feels like it’s missing something for some reason. I grew up with a basket of rolls or a loaf of bread on the table so my tummy just expects it. And how are you supposed to completely clean your plate without a little bread to sop up all the remaining sauce or gravy?! These dinner rolls are simple and the perfect accompaniment to any meal. They’re crisp on the outside, soft on the inside, and buttery throughout. Served warm...

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Sticky Buns

Scratch-baked soft and buttery breakfast buns that are filled with cinnamon sugar and coated in a sweet sticky glaze with pecans all over and throughout. Talk about a terrific way to start your day! I don’t know if I can even put into words how amazing these buns are, y’all! You just have to bake and taste them for yourself to truly understand what I mean when I say they are out of this world amazing! The dough is soft and bakes up with a bit of a crisp on the outside edges while the insides are buttery and sweet, and they’re coated in a gooey glaze with plenty of pecans in every decadent bite...

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Meet the BakerMama

bakermama-circWelcome to The BakerMama! My name is Maegan and I’m just a Mama who loves to Bake!

Meet Maegan


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