Hate throwing away food, but don’t know what to do with leftovers? Here are five ways to make sure no food goes to waste!

What to do with leftovers by The BakerMama

No Food Goes to Waste

I hate throwing out food! No food goes to waste around here! We’re big on leftovers and I love reinventing our leftovers into another delicious meal or snack. I can almost always turn our leftovers into a salad, stir-fry, smoothie, sandwich, or snack board. I call it the 5 S’s of Leftovers! 😉

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Five Ways to Use Leftovers

  • Salad: Toss leftover chicken, steak, or even taco meat on a bed of mixed greens. Roasted veggies make a great addition to salads, too!
  • Stir Fry: Turn leftover rice, meat, and veggies into a stir fry lunch. Heat in a pan and top with your favorite sauce.
  • Smoothies: Leftover fruits, some yogurt and even carrots and spinach make a delicious and healthy smoothie that’s great for a snack or a quick breakfast.
  • Sandwich: Last night’s dinner is today’s lunch! I love heating up things like BBQ chicken or grilled steak in a toasted sandwich or in a tortilla with cheese.
  • Snack Board: If you build it, they will come. Put out leftovers on a snack board for the kids after school and you’ll be surprised how quick it goes!
What to do with leftovers by The BakerMama

Create a Spread

Sometimes at the end of a week, I’ll set up a leftovers spread down our kitchen island where we can each come along and create a meal out of what we had leftover from other meals throughout the week. Some of us will just heat up a leftover as is, (like lasagna), some of us will make a rice bowl or nachos or salad or quesadilla or just a random plate of deliciousness.

Hope this helps! Enjoy! ❤️


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