Learn how to separate the yolk from the white using an egg shell.

How to Separate an Egg by The BakerMama

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How Do I Separate an Egg Using an Egg Shell?

  • Hold the egg gently yet firmly in your dominant hand. Crack the egg against a flat surface in one swift confident tap.
  • Holding the egg over a bowl, use your thumbs to crack the egg open and upward while keeping the yolk intact in one half of the egg shell.
  • Carefully pour the yolk back and forth between the shell halves, allowing the egg white to fall into the bowl underneath the egg.
  • Do this a few times until the yolk remains by itself in the shell.
  • You could also use a handy clip-on egg separator which is one of my favorite kitchen gadgets.
How to Separate an Egg by The BakerMama

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