How is Kosher salt different from table salt? What makes sea salt different?

Kosher Salt vs table salt

What is Kosher Salt?

FAQ: The recipe calls for Kosher salt. Can’t I just use table salt?

Answer: Short answer? I wouldn’t us table salt in place of Kosher salt. Not all salts are the same because of how they’re mined, what’s been added to them, and the size of their grain.

  • Table salt, for instance, is iodized. The added iodine provides an important dietary nutrient, but it actually gives it a bitter flavor that can alter the taste of the food you’re making.
  • Kosher salt is pure salt. It’s also made up of larger grains, so a teaspoon of table salt will actually pack a saltier punch than a teaspoon of Kosher salt.
  • Sea salt is even more coarse in texture, but it’s also more expensive than Kosher salt. For this reason, I prefer to use it as a finish (like, say, on top of a yummy Sea Salt Chocolate Chunk Cookie) rather than in baking or cooking. 

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