No-Bake Lactation Bites

These yummy no-bake lactation bites are perfect for a nursing mom or anyone who needs a healthy, hearty, handy boost of energy!

No-Bake Lactation Bites

I know I’m not alone when I say breastfeeding is hard. It’s one of the most amazing things we can do for our babies as moms, but also can be the most exhausting, frustrating, time-consuming, emotional aspect of early motherhood. I’m 2 months into my third go-round at breastfeeding and I can say that although it has gotten easier and much smoother with each baby, it’s still really hard.

I’ve always had the desire to breastfeed our babies and before we even had babies, I had this glorious vision of easily and exclusively breastfeeding them until they were at least a year old. Well, when Baker was born, my visions for how breastfeeding should go were quickly proven wrong. I just didn’t and couldn’t make enough milk. We tried everything…lactation consultants, nursing as often as possible, pumping after and between each feeding, lots of water, lots of rest, Fenugreek, Mother’s Milk tea, Domperidone medicine, increasing my calorie intake by 1000 extra calories on top of the 2000+ I was already eating, and anything else that was recommended. I was willing to try anything and although my supply did increase some, I just couldn’t keep up with his growing demand so we had to supplement with formula.

I was really sad at first. I felt like such a failure for not being able to feed my baby like mothers are supposed to be able to do. Fortunately, I have a great support system around me that encouraged and reminded me that I was doing my best and that the breast milk I was able to provide for Baker was doing him great and better than none. So I pressed on and continued to feed Baker with a combination of breast milk and formula for 6 months until he was eating solids. A few months in, I ended up pumping exclusively so I knew exactly how much I was making and how much he was getting. I also continued to pump every 3 hours even when he was sleeping a 12-hour stretch through the night. This kept up the demand so I was able to provide him with even more breast milk throughout the day. It worked, but boy was I glad when it came time to pack away the pump.

So when we learned we were expecting twins, I was hopeful to provide as much breast milk for them as possible, but knew that it would be a miracle if I made enough. I was much more comfortable going into breastfeeding with the twins, but the fact that there were two of them was definitely trying and tricky. I started out feeding them both at once and then just alternating breasts, but when they got a little bigger, I could just feed one at a time. I pretty quickly resorted to pumping exclusively for them so that they were each getting the same amount of breast milk and so that we knew how much to supplement with. Whew, now those feedings were exhausting, but I got the hang of it and couldn’t have done it without Brandon’s help, especially in the beginning. When Brandon returned to work, I got into a routine of pumping while the twins were drinking a bottle and then feeding them the breast milk I had just pumped at the next feeding. I would fix their bottles with a combination of breast milk and formula, get them all propped up in two Boppy pillows right in front of me, get myself set up with the hands-free pump, and then hold the bottles in their mouths while I pumped away. All this while keeping an eye on Baker, who was just 19 months when they were born. Absolute craziness looking back on it, but honestly it worked and everyone was healthy and happy. The twins learned to hold their bottles pretty early on which made for much smoother feedings and gave my arms a much welcomed break. We did this for almost 6 months before I packed away the pump once again.

No-Bake Lactation Bites

Before the twins were born, I started hearing about lactation cookies. Eating cookies that could possibly increase my milk supply. Score! Sign me up! I even came up with a great Lactation Cookie recipe of my own. Whether they were really the reason for my increase in milk supply or not, I loved them and needed them to satisfy my constant hunger. I would eat 1-2 of these lactation cookies every time I nursed or pumped. Yes, that’s a lot of cookies, my friends, but I was trying to produce as much as possible for twins and with an already low milk supply, I needed all the boost and calories I could get. I definitely made several additional ounces each day compared to what I made when Baker was a baby and could feel a difference in the fullness of my breasts.

Well, here we go again, with little Brooklynn! She latched like a champ from the minute she was born and I am definitely making more milk this time than I did with Baker or the twins which I’m so excited about, but I’m to the point now where I just can’t keep up with her growing demand.

Oh, and I learned that I make skim milk. Go figure! In the beginning, she was getting plenty of milk and was completely satisfied with lots of wet diapers, but she just wasn’t gaining weight. This is the first time I’ve heard this, but my pediatrician said that my milk is probably more on the skim side. He said that some women make cream and others make skim while others are in between. So we tested some of my milk by pumping a bottle and letting it set to see how much fat separation there was. And guess what? There’s hardly any fat separation. My milk even looks skim. Y’all, I eat lots of fatty foods (have you seen my addiction to donuts on Instagram?? Just kidding!). Seriously, I am always eating healthy fats like almonds, peanut butter, avocados, olive oil, etc. The pediatrician suggested I up my healthy fat intake to see if we could fatten my milk up a bit. So I went to town eating several avocados (hello guacamole & avocado toast!), handfuls of almonds & cashews, full fat milk, peanut butter on top of and in everything, eggs, and any other healthy fats that I could consume, almost to the point of making myself sick. I could see a slight increase in thickness to my milk, but nothing to warrant making myself sick over so I continue to choose healthy fats as much as possible, but more in moderation.

Before Brooklynn was even born, I knew I would be wanting lactation cookies on hand and thought it might be a little too ambitious to be baking cookies all the time while also trying to keep 4 kiddos alive. 😉 So I came up with these no-bake lactation bites that are so easy to make and can be ready to eat in 10 minutes or less. They’ve been great because in those early days, my mom or Brandon could make them for me without having to worry about baking cookies and the boys love helping make and eat them too. They call them “mama’s medicine balls”. Haha! Because if we’re running low and they want some, I tell them “those are for mama, they’re like my medicine so I can make milk for Brooklynn.” 😉 😉

No-Bake Lactation Bites

So what makes no-bake lactation bites so great for nursing? Well, it’s been said that oatmeal, brewer’s yeast and healthy fats such as peanut butter and flaxseed can help increase a mother’s milk supply. Whether it works or not, I can’t say for sure, but these bites are healthy, hearty and handy. I like to have some made at all times because when I get hungry, I get hungry. I need something asap before my hungry state turns hangry. 😉 I snack on these little bites of yumminess all day long…first thing in the morning, on the way to get the boys from school, while pumping and even in the middle of the night (because when I’m nursing, I can’t even make it through the night without eating something. It’s crazy!). They’re full of my favorite flavors (peanut butter and chocolate!! What! What!) and textures (oatmeal, flaxseed, nuts, mmmm…mmmm!). I love them so much and seriously never get sick of them. I most often make them into these bite-sized balls (for convenience and great portion size), but sometimes I’ll just press the mixture into an 8×8-inch square dish and cut them into bars. I most often double the recipe because we go through them so fast.

No-Bake Lactation Bites

I always leave the base recipe the same with the oats, flaxseed, brewer’s yeast, peanut butter or almond butter, honey and vanilla, and I most often just add in dark chocolate chips, but sometimes, I’ll leave the chocolate chips out because I like eating them without chocolate chips in the middle of the night. Or in addition to the chocolate chips, I’ll add in 1/2 cup chopped nuts (such as almonds or walnuts) or a handful of dried cranberries, just to switch them up a bit.

If you’re a nursing mama and looking for something to have on hand to keep you satisfied and energized, these no-bake bites are awesome! And if you’re not nursing and just looking for something nutritious and delicious to get you through a busy/active day, they’re so great for that too!

And don’t be scared by the brewer’s yeast. It’s a nutritional supplement that’s been shown to enhance energy levels and boost the immune system and we could all use a little of that most of the time. I buy mine from Whole Foods, but I think you can order it online too. I’m a huge fan of brewer’s yeast!

Well, there you have it. My struggles and successes with breastfeeding my babes along with a great recipe for no-bake lactation bites, that I know you’ll love!

No-Bake Lactation Bites

Sending lots of love and hugs to all my fellow mamas out there! Hang in there and know that you’re doing your best, no matter how you do it!



No-Bake Lactation Bites
Prep time
Total time
These yummy no-bake lactation bites are perfect for a nursing mom or anyone who needs a healthy, hearty, handy boost of energy!
Recipe type: Dessert
Serves: 2 dozen
  • 2 cups old-fashioned oats
  • ½ cup ground or milled flaxseed
  • 3 tablespoons brewer’s yeast
  • 1 cup peanut butter or almond butter
  • ½ cup honey
  • 1 teaspoon vanilla
  • ½ cup dark chocolate chips
  1. In the bowl of an electric mixer fitted with the paddle attachment, add all ingredients except for the chocolate chips. Mix on low speed until mixture is well combined. Stir in chocolate chips.
  2. Roll mixture into 2-tablespoon sized smooth balls and place on a parchment-lined baking sheet. Place in the refrigerator for 30 minutes or enjoy right away. Once the bites have set, transfer them to an air-tight container and store in the refrigerator for up to 2 weeks.
Mixture can be pressed into an 8x8-inch baking dish and cut into bars, if desired. Other optional add-ins: ½ chopped nuts (such as almonds or walnuts) and ½ cup dried fruit
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  1. Kimberly

    Thanks for the recipe! I feel like it actually worked to boost my supply when I suspect the Honest Company’s Lactation Plus reduced it.
    I used chia seeds instead of flax. They are really good with peanut butter.
    Do you think that the consistency would be the same if the oatmeal was ground?

    • MaeganMaegan

      Hi Kimberly! That’s so great to hear! I don’t think the consistency will be the same if you grind the oatmeal, but I think they’ll still taste great. You might have to adjust the honey and peanut butter slightly to make sure they hold together. Let me know how they turn out! Enjoy!

  2. Sarah

    Hi! These look great, I can’t wait to try them! Do you think they would freeze ok? I often freeze other bliss ball type recipes to extend life. I was hoping to make a big batch of these before Bub arrives!

    • MaeganMaegan

      Hi Sarah! Yes, they’ll freeze great! Just freeze them in a single layer on a baking sheet first for about an hour and then transfer them to an airtight freeze safe container or freezer safe baggie to store them. Enjoy!

  3. I’ve been following you (and your adorable family) on Instagram and Bloglovin for over a year now but I just stumbled upon this post when I was looking for lactation recipes. I’m six weeks into the breastfeeding journey with my first baby. I am in the same boat and have tried ever suggestion under the sun but I still have to supplement with formula. I actually have had to since the beginning because it took two weeks for my milk to really come in. It made me feel so much better to hear I’m not the only one with this struggle and it’s reassuring that you had better luck with each kid. Anyways this is kind of long and rambling but I just wanted to say thanks for sharing your story!

  4. Merinda

    I’ve made these a few time with pretty good results but I had to leave out the flax (my intolerance) and Brewers Yeast (LOs intolerance). Instead, I replaced them with malt ovaltine and coconut oil. Oh and I only used a TBSP of raw honey the second time because it was too sweet but they turned out delicious.

    • MaeganMaegan

      Hi Katie! I don’t provide nutritional information on my site, but you can easily plug the ingredients you use into an online nutrition calculator. Just google “free online nutrition calculator”. Hope this helps!

  5. Lauren

    Hi, I’m due in three weeks with my first baby and am loving the look of this recipe! Hoping my eating them earlier in they help bring my milk in quicker. Just wondering how long these would keep in the freezer for and I was hoping to make a big batch of them to take to the hospital and also to have some when I get back home? Thanks so much.

    • MaeganMaegan

      Hi Lauren! Congrats on your first baby arriving soon. So exciting! These should last for up to 4 weeks in the freezer if stored in a freezer safe baggie or container. Wishing you a smooth and safe delivery and lots of special moments with your precious new addition. Enjoy!

  6. Erica Hughes

    Sounds wonderful! Could I make this in a food processor instead of with electric mixer? I don’t have a paddle attachment.

    • MaeganMaegan

      Hi Erica! I would suggest just stirring the ingredients together in a bowl with a spoon instead. The food processor will chop the ingredients up, which you don’t want. Enjoy!

  7. Shelby Anne

    I’m just wondering if you have a nut free recipe. I wanna make oatmeal bites but all the recipes I find have peanut butter or other nuts in them and I unfortunately can’t have those.

  8. Amber

    Hello! You mentioned you bought your yeast at Whole Foods, I went there and they sold me Nutritional Yeast and said it was the same thing. Can you provide the name of what you use? I’ve read online and it says they are different. Friends say the nutritional yeast tastes cheeses (and not good in cookies) where the brewers yeast is like beer. Any input is appreciated! Thank you!!

    • MaeganMaegan

      Hi Amber! I use BlueBonnet Brewer’s Yeast Powder and they’ve always had it at Whole Foods. You can buy it on Amazon as well. You definitely want brewer’s yeast over nutritional yeast. Hope this helps. Enjoy!

  9. Jenny

    Mmmm I just made these and I can’t stop eating them! I actually substituted the chocolate chips for a mix of M&M’s and white chocolate chips. I liked them with a little more sweetness than the dark chocolate. Thank you so much for this recipe! I hope it helps me produce more for my son. I’m trying desperately to keep up with his (enormous) appetite. Thanks for sharing your story and this delicious recipe!

  10. Lauren Lynch

    Hi, these are so good! I am eating one right now. I don’t know if I measured incorrectly, but I had way to much flax seed. I am sure I put half a cup. But it seems like so much more. Not quite the fan of them, get stuck in my teeth and of you live in the mid west the seeds remind me of ticks! 😝
    I will make them again for sure, less flax seed I think. Other wise so simple to make and delicious!

  11. Silvana

    Hello! I’m pregnant and I want to get prepping on snacks and meals. Do you think I can make a batch of these and freeze them?

    • MaeganMaegan

      Hi Silvana! Yes, they’ll freeze great! Just freeze them in a single layer on a baking sheet first for about an hour and then transfer them to an airtight freeze safe container or freezer safe baggie to store them. Best wishes!

  12. Christine Poole

    This is very similar to my protein balls–minus the protein shake mix. They are so good. Oh and I also added dried unsweetened coconut. I like the texture it adds.

    I’m nine months into nursing my first child and my supply just took a huge hit since he’s teething, I had my wisdom teeth taken out and I got a stomach virus all with in three weeks of each other. I’m desperately trying to increase my supply. I know I could just have finally regulated from my over supply that I had for the longest time but I miss having that abundance of milk and not needing to supplement (I have been supplementing for a couple months now). Thanks for the back story an drew the recipe!

    • MaeganMaegan

      Hi Amanda! I don’t provide nutritional information on my site, but you can easily plug the ingredients you use into a free online nutrition calculator to get the info. Just google “free online nutrition calculator”. Hope this helps!

  13. Stacey

    Great cookies! Is there anyway to tell the calorie count on these? Trying to increase my calorie intake for milk production.

    • MaeganMaegan

      Hi Stacey! I don’t provide nutritional information on my site, but you can easily plug the ingredients into an online nutrition calculator to get the calorie count per serving. Just google “free online nutrition calculator”. Hope this helps. Enjoy!

  14. Heather

    Maegan- I’ve made these countless times and always mean to say thank you for such as great, easy recipe! I love them and will continue to make them even when not pregnant, nursing, etc. I like throwing in other stuff too like unsweetened coconut flakes or almond meal.

    • MaeganMaegan

      Love it, Heather! I’m so happy you make and love them and that you like making them your own with coconut flakes and almond meal! Enjoy them and your sweet little one(s)! 🙂

    • MaeganMaegan

      Hi Liz! I don’t provide nutritional information for my recipes, but you can easily plug the ingredients you use into a free online nutrition calculator to get the information. Just google “free online nutrition calculator”. Hope this helps. Enjoy!

  15. LizM

    Sorry I replied to the wrong comments.. Amanda/Stacey – any chance you ladies got the info you were looking for so I can leverage off of your hard work? 😉

  16. Kayce

    These are delicious! I (almost) feel guilty eating them 😉 I only add half the honey, and sub in coconut oil in its place for the health benefits.

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