This homemade take on Chick-fil-A’s Chicken Tortilla Soup tastes even better than the original and you can enjoy it year-round and even on Sundays!

A red dutch oven with chicken tortilla soup. The handle of silver ladle sticks out.

A Bowl of Heaven

Have y’all tried Chick-fil-A’s chicken tortilla soup? I’m obsessed! It’s delicious. The only bummer is that it’s a seasonal menu item that they only sell during the winter months. Why, oh why?? I crave soup year-round and since I love their chicken tortilla soup so much, I had to come up with a homemade version before they take it off the menu again!

A silver ladle full of chicken tortilla soup. A dutch oven of soup is in the background.

Watch Me Make Chick-Fil-A Chicken Tortilla Soup

Let me show you how easy and delicious it is to make this homemade version of my favorite soup!

Even Better Than the Original

It’s a hearty yet healthier soup, loaded with beans, veggies and chicken breast, and with the perfect blend of spices. I was on a mission to recreate its tastiness exactly, but guess what?! I’m pretty confident I made it even tastier. 🙂

A bowl of chicken tortilla soup.

And, depending on where you live in proximity to a Chick-fil-A, this homemade version might be quicker and easier to make than driving there to get it. Or at least it is for me, especially if I have all four kiddos in tow! It’s a one-pot wonder that can be ready to enjoy in about 20 minutes. I bet it would taste great in a slow cooker, too!

Homemade Chick-fil-A Chicken Tortilla Soup

Accept No Substitutes (Except Maybe This One)

The creaminess of the soup comes from pureeing two cans of cannellini beans along with a can of cream-style corn instead of adding fatty cream, sour cream, or cream of “something” soup. This chicken tortilla soup recipe is packed with protein, fiber, flavor and, most importantly, comfort.

Since the boys always get chicken nuggets when we go to Chick-fil-A, they had never tried the yumminess that is their chicken tortilla soup. So when I recreated and perfected it at home, they quickly realized what they’ve been missing out on and why Mama is so excited to frequent Chick-fil-A in the winter months. 😉 They love my homemade version and now beg for it, especially with tortilla strips on top!

Homemade Chick-fil-A Chicken Tortilla Soup

What Do I Need to Make Homemade Chick-Fil-A Chicken Tortilla Soup?

  • Canola oil
  • White onion
  • Garlic
  • Cumin
  • Dried oregano
  • Kosher salt
  • Canned cannellini beans, separated
  • Canned diced tomatoes with green chilies (such as Rotel)
  • Canned cream-style corn
  • Canned whole kernel corn
  • Canned black beans
  • Rotisserie chicken
  • Lime
  • Tortilla strips or chips, for serving
All the ingredients to make chicken tortilla soup in small glass containers on a white counter.

How to Make Chick-Fil-A Chicken Tortilla Soup

  • Heat canola oil in a large pot over medium heat. Add chopped onion and minced garlic. Let saute for about 5 minutes until onions become translucent. Stir in cumin, oregano and salt.
  • Meanwhile, puree 2 cans of cannellini beans in a blender until smooth. Do not drain beans of liquid before blending.
  • Add pureed beans, remaining can of cannellini beans, 2 cans diced tomatoes with green chilies, cream-style corn, whole kernel corn, black beans, and shredded chicken to onion mixture in pot. (Do not drain any cans of their liquid) Stir to combine.
Steps to make chicken tortilla soup.
  • Let soup simmer over medium heat until heated all the way through. Add juice of 1 lime and season with salt to taste before serving. Serve with tortilla strips or chips.

How to Store Chicken Tortilla Soup

Store leftovers in the refrigerator in an airtight container for up to 5 days.

To freeze, let the soup cool completely and then store in a freezer-safe sealed container in the refrigerator first until it’s cold and then in the freezer for up to 3 months.

Defrost in the refrigerator overnight before reheating and enjoying it.

A red dutch oven with chicken tortilla soup. The handle of silver ladle sticks out.

So get your soup on year-round and save yourself a trip through the drive-thru with this yummy chicken tortilla soup! If you make this Homemade Chick-Fil-A Chicken Tortilla Soup, be sure to snap a picture and share it with me or tag me on Instagram @thebakermama so I can see. ???? I love seeing how inspired and creative y’all get with the recipes I share.



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Homemade Chick-fil-A Chicken Tortilla Soup

  • Author: Maegan – The BakerMama
  • Prep Time: 15 mins
  • Cook Time: 15 mins
  • Total Time: 30 mins
  • Yield: 8-10
  • Category: Main


A homemade take on Chick-fil-A’s chicken tortilla soup that tastes even better than the original and that you can enjoy year-round and even on Sundays!


  • 1 tablespoon canola oil
  • 1 medium white onion, chopped
  • 2 cloves garlic, minced
  • 2 teaspoons cumin
  • 2 teaspoons dried oregano
  • 1 teaspoon kosher salt
  • 3 (15 ounce) cans cannellini beans, separated
  • 2 (10 ounce) cans diced tomatoes with green chilies (such as Rotel)
  • 1 (15 ounce) can cream-style corn
  • 1 (15 ounce) can whole kernel corn
  • 1 (15 ounce) can black beans
  • 1 rotisserie chicken, meat removed from bones & shredded (about 4 cups)
  • juice of 1 lime
  • more salt to taste
  • Tortilla strips or chips, for serving


  1. Heat canola oil in a large pot over medium heat. Add chopped onion and minced garlic. Let sauté for about 5 minutes until onions become translucent. Stir in cumin, oregano and salt.
  2. Meanwhile, puree 2 cans of cannellini beans in a blender until smooth. Do not drain beans of liquid before blending.
  3. Add pureed beans, remaining can of cannellini beans, 2 cans diced tomatoes with green chilies, cream-style corn, whole kernel corn, black beans, and shredded chicken to the mixture in the pot. (Do not drain any cans of their liquid) Stir to combine.
  4. Let soup simmer over medium heat until heated all the way through. Add juice of 1 lime and season with salt to taste before serving. Serve with tortilla strips or chips.


Feel free to use just the white meat from the rotisserie chicken and low sodium canned ingredients, if desired.

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Maegan is the author of her best-selling Beautiful Boards, Spectacular Spreads and Brilliant Bites cookbooks. She started blogging in 2012 and features hundreds of original recipes on The BakerMama. She truly enjoys sharing her easy, family-friendly recipes, creative meal ideas, food board creations, and entertaining spreads to encourage others to get in the kitchen and make something memorable for their loved ones to enjoy together. Learn More

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    1. Hi Jeanette! Yes, I’ve frozen this soup several times and it freezes and reheats great. Just let it cool completely and then store in a freezer-safe sealed container in the refrigerator first until it’s cold and then in the freezer for up to 3 months. I recommend letting it defrost in the refrigerator overnight before reheating and enjoying it.

  1. It’s good soup, not spicy at all, and tastes nothing like CFA Tortilla Soup. I was disappointed because I was looking forward to it.

  2. Excellent!!! Tastes just like Chick-Fil-a. I added a diced jalapeño for some heat. It was perfect for a cold day. Very hearty and super easy to make.

  3. I love this recipe! It’s so simple and easy to follow. I made the soup and the whole family loved it thank you!
    What would you recommend to make it a bit more spicy?

    1. Hi Vivian! I’m so happy to hear you enjoy it as much as we do! You could add the hot Rotel (diced tomatoes with habanero) or sauté some diced jalapeño in with the onion. You could even add some cayenne pepper in with the cumin and oregano. I hope this helps and that y’all continue to enjoy!

  4. I’m so excited! Question – I’m not a tomatoe girl – can I leave those off and if so, should I add a little liquid of something to make it work?

    1. Hi Trish! I’m so excited for you to try this recipe. Yes, you can leave the cans of diced tomatoes out, but I would recommend adding about 1/2 cup of chicken broth to make up for the liquid that comes with the canned tomatoes. I hope this helps. Enjoy!

  5. From the bottom of my heart you are my hero for this recipe! It’s absolutely amazing!! Chick fil a’s chicken tortilla soup is my favorite and I’m always stocking up when it comes around. Now can make it whenever I want and save some money!

    I added some cayenne pepper and skipped the lime, instead used lime tortilla chips. Thank you so so so much!

    1. Okay, I was a little hesitant because of all the beans in this soup! I thought I would resort to the regular”not creamy copy cat soup” tortilla soup, but my husband talked me out of it. He said” you’ve read all the reviews, and everyone loves it, so give it a try!” I had all the ingredients, so I decided to do it! OMG!! It is amazing!! So Delicious and I followed your receipt exactly as you stated and I watched(video) to be sure I did it all the right way. Super easy!! No doubt, we will be having this frequently, especially now during these cooler nights!!! You are amazing!!! I would like to pass this on, but I want it to be my”go to” pot luck!! Lol! It’s so good, so I will share the recipe!!! I will be following more of your wonderful recipes. I’m sure I won’t be disappointed!!! Like so many others, your recipe is the bomb!!!
      Btw, who says you have to serve Turkey for Thanksgiving!! Be unique, make it chicken tortilla soup! 👍🏻 Thank you!!

      1. Hi, Maria! YAY! I’m so glad you gave it a chance. It’s one of my favorite soups ever. I’m so happy you enjoyed it!

  6. Best chicken tortilla soup recipe EVER! Idk how you did but it is IDENTICAL in taste and everything AND using puréed beans to thicken it is genius bc it’s healthier and you get more protein! Win-win! I love it. I’ll be making every 1-2 weeks! Thanks!!!!

  7. Flavor is SPOT ON! Thank you so much for this recipe! I love that there is no dairy- especially since we love adding more lime juice, and curdled milk or cream is never appetizing.

    1. Hi, Kristi! Yes! When frozen correctly, it should last in the freezer for up 3 months. Just let them completely before storing in a freezer-safe plastic container.

  8. AH-mazing!!!! Better than the restaurant and healthier!! Your recipes never disappoint.

  9. Maegan – Didn’t believe you when it said as good or better than the original. HOWEVER, we made it and we are true believers!! So good!

    Folks, if you’re gonna make it – get a fresh lime. Makes a lot of difference.

    Only thing we did differently was to use a small can of black beans instead of a large one (just personal preference). But the recipe is perfect! Thanks so much Maegan!

    1. Hi, Scott! I love it! Made a believer out of you. I’m so happy to hear that you enjoyed it. And thank you for sharing your modifications!

      1. We made it again, and decided the larger can of black beans would be better! Never should have questioned you! Yummy.

      2. Hi, Scott! Ha! I’m not saying I’m always right but this one is a house specialty! I’m so glad you loved it!

  10. Made it cause my son had been craving Chick-fil-A tortilla soup only to find out it was seasonal. I am happy to say that I made your recipe and He Loved It! and so did my husband and I! the only thing we changed since we love spicy food I added two finely diced serrano chiles. It was perfect for us. Thank you for sharing your recipe!

    1. Hi Laura! So happy to hear! That’s exactly why I created this recipe is because we crave it year-round and now we can enjoy it all throughout the year. Hope y’all continue to enjoy!

      1. I’ve made this soup numerous times, and my 16yr old daughter just asked me to make it again. She really loves taking good healthy lunches for school. One question I have is: can I freeze this soup?

      2. Hi, Babs! I’m so happy y’all love it so much! Yes! When frozen correctly, it should last in the freezer for up 3 months.
        Just let them completely before storing in a freezer-safe plastic container.

  11. Thanks for sharing this recipe! It is an identical replica of Chick-Fil-A’s soup, maybe even better!

  12. Very easy to prepare. Used an immersion blender to puree the beans to thicken it. I agree with the other comments, better than CFA. Only thing I did different was rinse the black beans. A keeper! When I reheat the leftovers I’ll add chicken broth if too thick. Yummy!

  13. Made this for a potluck at work but there’s enough for dinner and husband said it is the best chicken tortilla soup he has ever had. Very easy to make and it is flavorful and perfect for a cold fall night.

  14. So according to the recipe for 1X, 2X or 3X, you only puree 2 cans of cannellini beans. Then you add the remaining canS if you double or triple the recipe? I would add 1 can of regular rotel and one can of hot. It needed a little “kick”. Soup is always better the next day, so I”m excited to taste.

    1. Oh no, Chloe! Are you sure you didn’t leave an ingredient out? Did you add the blended beans. The soup should be very well balanced with the whole beans, blended beans, tomatoes, chicken and corn. Sorry to hear it didn’t turn out as balanced as it should be for you.

  15. This soup is absolutely delicious!! I will be making this soup a lot!! I am quite sure this will be a favorite at our tailgates!! 🙂

  16. “Hi Maegan,

    Thanks a lot for posting this. I am hosting a family reunion on Sunday, and I will be preparing your Chik-fil-A Chicken Tortilla soup. I am sure it will be the highlight of the day; will the taste be preserved if I freeze it?”

    1. Hi Claire! So happy to hear you’re making it for your family reunion. I hope everyone enjoyed! Yes, it freezes really well and reheats great. Still very flavorful. Hope this helps. Enjoy!

  17. Look I am so sorry. I don’t know if I did something wrong but this was inedible. It ended up with the texture of creamed corn, the flavor was completely off and I feel like I wasted so much food to make it. It must just be me because all of the other comments are positive. I’m glad others have enjoyed it though.

    1. Oh no, Amy! Did you follow the ingredients and instructions exactly? It sound like you might have added too much corn or forgot to add some of the other ingredients. I hope you have a chance to try the recipe again soon with delicious success!

  18. I loved this recipe! Tasted so good.. and so easy! I substituted chicken breasts that I poached in broth, Urban Accents spicy chili lime seasoning from Costco, and lime juice.

    1. Hi Dell! I don’t provide nutritional information at this time because everyone uses different brands of ingredients which often have differing nutritional values. I would recommend plugging the ingredients you use into a free online nutrition calculator like: Hope this helps. Enjoy!

  19. This turned out so good! I like how it was so simple to make and so quick to cook. I will say that I did add a tablespoon of chicken bouillon to mine and I felt that it enhanced the flavor very well. Thank you so much for such a great recipe. This one is a keeper 😀

  20. This was a GREAT soup and so easy – open can & dump! Made for my cousin who just had a baby. Sue loved, her husband loved, I loved! I’m a big fan of a thicker, creamier soup, so the 2 cans of puréed beans were perfect. Will absolutely make again….and again!

  21. Excellent recipe!!! This made for a fantastic meal for cold and windy day. Keep them coming.😊

  22. Easy and so delicious! I love using pureed beans as the base. Found my Go To Tortilla Soup recipe!

  23. This was delicious and very much tasted like the CFA tortilla soup. I did choose to omit one can of cannelini beans (the ones that were not pureed) and a can of regular corn – this was just personal preference. I froze the extra soup flat in freezer bags and it warmed well at work for a quick lunch.

    1. I was making another recipe yesterday that called for heavy cream and I used your canned beans idea as a creamy substitute. GO YOU!!!! !!! Terrific healthy idea.

  24. Love, love, love! I make this in bulk and freeze it for quick meals at work. The flavors are on point and I add extra chicken breast to make it higher protein. YUM!

  25. Great base, but in my opinion it could do without the cumin and could do with more spice. Will update this with my tweaks next time I make it. Thanks for sharing!

    1. Sounds great, Bovi! Our kids don’t love a lot of spice so I keep it just the way it is because this is hands down their favorite meal. Sometimes, I’ll add a little extra spice to my individual bowl though. Enjoy!

  26. Wowwww! Made this last year couldn’t find my recipe so I used this one I DON’t REGRET IT and will never look back. Each ingredient plays a huge and crucial part and please don’t be lazy! Blend the beans! I realized that was the thick mix so I didn’t have to use starch, the corn is a natural sweetener. Best tortilla soup ever

  27. Amazing, wonderful, Fantastic
    Family and coworkers love this soup so much. Coworkers want me to bring for potluck & holiday meals.
    SHHH, do not tell anyone this, vanilla orange icecream is great after having this great soup.

  28. Maegan, I made your soup recipr and it turned out perfect. I used a stick blender for puréeing the cannellini beans—easier cleanup than a blender. And a question: would it alter the taste of the soup if I drained the black beans? I didn’t like how it changed the color of the soup! Thank you for the recipe! I have seven 2-cup containers of soup in my freezer!

    1. Hi Carol! So happy to hear. You can definitely drain and rinse the black beans. It won’t change the overall deliciousness of the soup. Continue to enjoy!

      1. Thank you, Maegan! It was delicious and it freezes and reheats so well without flavor sacrificed!

  29. Absolutely fabulous! I’ve wanted a recipe like CFA’s for some time. Truly enjoyed this recipe and from now on this is my go to chicken tortilla soup recipe. I never post reviews so you made a mark. Great job!

  30. Recipe was easy and delicious… very close to Chick-fil-a. I did add in some “Better than Boullion Roasted chicken base” that gave it a little more chicken flavor. Thank you for sharing this.

  31. Love, love, love this soup! I’ve made it multiples times and just came back again to get the recipe to make this week. I figured I’d leave a review because we love it so much! 🙂

  32. Hi Maegan,

    Copycat recipes are my favorite, so I can’t wait to make this soup! I haven’t seen too many copycat Chick-Fil-A recipes out there. I am going to make a pot this weekend for sure. Thank you so much for sharing! 🙂

  33. While this recipe is very good it tastes nothing like chick-fil-a’s chicken tortilla soup. The Chick-fil-A soup has more of a chili flavor with no tomatoes and pinto beans instead of canellini beans.

    1. Hi Deborrah! I haven’t tried it in the Instant Pot because it’s so quick to make on the stovetop. Sorry I can’t be of help with exact instructions and timing for success in the Instant Pot.

  34. hi i made this and it was very good!! i was wondering if i could use retried beans instead of the blended beans next time since that’s what i have. thanks!

    1. Hi Brooke! Yes, you can definitely use refried beans, but the taste will be more of a pinto bean flavor. Just be sure to stir the refried beans in well so there’s not clumps throughout the soup. Enjoy!

  35. Made it tonight and it is awesome! Will need to add some extra spices to make this spicy, but is an amazing soup nonetheless!!

  36. We love this recipe! I serve with tortilla strips, chips, and cornbread on the side. This is the time of year for it.

  37. We made this recipe tonight and WOW! It came together so easy, was loaded with healthy ingredients, and tasted delicious! We served with a little sprinkle of cheese on top along with the tortillas and it was delicious. This will definitely be a recipe I add into our regular rotation!

    1. I just had CFA chicken tortilla soup . It was soo delicious! I thought there might be a copy cat recipe on the internet. Found yours! I’m making it tomorrow. Thanks for sharing !

  38. I’m one of those who got excited every year when this was at Chick Fil A. I used to joke with the managers that they need to sell a five gallon container.

    Well it hit me that someone had to have figured out the recipe by now!

    Well, let me just say THANK YOU THANK YOU THANK YOU! It was spot on!❤️

    1. Hi Danielle! I definitely need to do that. It’s so good too! I’ll add it to my recipe testing list. Stay tuned…

  39. Made this for my family and it was a hit. I wonder if you could can this? I would love to have it on my pantry shelf to be able to grab, heat and eat.

  40. Can’t wait to make this for my husband- he just asked about a recipe for it…. crazy question??? Where do you get the tortilla strips from??? Thank You!!! XOXOXO

  41. Love this soup….veganized! I sub out the chicken for 2 cans of jackfruit (in brine) rinsed and shredded and marinated in some poultry seasoning and 1-2 t of Better Than Bouillon Vegetable Base. I’ve shared it with all of my non-vegan friends and everyone agrees it’s delicious! Thanks for a great recipe!

  42. I just made this and my family is pretty impressed. We kicked it up a notch and added a bit more spice – but I would never have been able to come up with this starting point. Thanks!!

  43. Made this for dinner, super easy and delicious!
    I did change a couple of things put mexi corn in instead of regular corn and a little extra cumin
    Love it. Thank you

  44. Hi! Do you think this could be made in a crockpot? Like add all the ingredients and set on low? Would you add the puréed beans after cooking?

  45. I cannot wait to try this recipe. I see another cookbook in your future. It will be filled with all of the great recipes you have been sharing.

    1. Hi Misty! You could definitely make this recipe in a slow cooker. Just complete step one in a sauté pan and then transfer it to the slow cooker and add all of the remaining ingredients. Then let slow cook on low or high depending on your timing. Enjoy!

  46. Looks like a great recipe. It looks even easier than the original. I just watched the video from Chick-fil-A, and they were talking about the ingredients. The red bits are red bell peppers, instead of tomatoes (although I’m sure they’re fine). I also see her sniffing some thyme and parsley or cilantro. Another chef also mentioned sour cream and a “special” type of flour. But, like you, I figured pureeing some beans would add body to the soup. Keep up the good work!

  47. Most definitely hands down one of the yummiest soups I have made…tastes just like if not better than CFA. Will be adding to my recipe rotation. Thank you so much for sharing this delicious soup recipe.

  48. I have been so sick with sinus infection and craving this soup. I went to CFA to purchase today and for some reason found it so much spicier than in previous years. I’m hoping person who made it today just put too much spices because I don’t remember it being so spicy. I have four kiddos (4, 6, 11 and 12) they won’t eat it if it’s that spicy. But after reading the comments several kiddos enjoyed this recipe therefore I’m going to try to make it myself. Any suggestions on if I should minimize a certain ingredient so it won’t be as spicy for them?

    1. Hi Marisa! I hear ya. Just make sure you use a mild Rotel and it will for sure not be spicy. I use regular Rotel and all of my kiddos will still eat it, but just to be on the safe side, use the mild can. I hope everyone loves it! 🙂

  49. Oh girl…. we just became internet besties (don’t tell my other one Tessa) because I really like her too! Lol but thank you for this recipe, I’ve been super sick for weeks and unable to keep much down so when asked what soup I thought I could eat this was all I could think of!!! Thank you ???? thank you ???? thank you ???? and I can’t wait to try it! Don’t worry I will share with Tessa too ????????

  50. CFA tortilla soup is my FAVORITE! I’m so happy that I found this. I haven’t tried your recipe yet, but it’s printed and ready to be whipped up tomorrow! I’m SO excited!

  51. Oh,my. This is awesome and worth nearly getting stuck in the snow last night getting the ingredients. I don’t have a bowl of the restaurant’s soup to do a side by side comparison, but I don’t need it. I love this! Thank you.

  52. I made this tonight for a pot luck luncheon at work. I am pretty sure this will be a huge hit! It is so delicious, and taste almost exactly like my favorite soup. No more waiting for the cold seasons, I can now have this year round! Thanks for sharing this amazing recipe.

  53. I made this the other day, following the recipe exactly, and it was amazing! Super simple, but delicious! My 6-year-old grandson said “Wow! This is not only nutritious, but it’s delicious!” Will definitely be making this again and again!

    1. I’ve now made this four times in the last couple of months, and have passed the recipe along to friends. It is a winner! I love how easy it is to make, and it tastes fantastic. I use the Chili Fixin’s Rotel for a little extra spice, and loved it. Also, the lime is key at the end. Just made another batch for a work pot luck today. I know it will be a huge success. Thank you!

      1. Hi Patricia! Thanks for sharing! I’m so happy to hear you enjoy this recipe so often. It’s a family fave that we enjoy often as well. I hope y’all continue to enjoy for years to come. 🙂

  54. I’m excited to make this. I just had CFA’s soup a few weeks ago and was surprised how good it was. Where do you get the tri-colored chips?

    1. Yay! You’re sure to love it! I find the tri-colored chips at Tom Thumb, Central Market and Target. They’re in a bag near the croutons on the salad dressing aisle or in the fresh produce section. Enjoy!

  55. I absolutely love this recipe as written. I love that it’s healthy and tastes just like CFA’s. I make it often at home and plan to make it for a soup cook-off at the end of this month at work. I’ll let you know how it goes. Thanks for a great, healthy recipe!!

    1. Hi Kyle! It’s canned cream-style corn in the canned vegetable section. I just updated the recipe to clarify. Enjoy!

  56. Thanks for the wonderful recipe!! I made this tonight and it is delicious!!! I am a huge fan of Chick-fil-A’s version but truthfully this IS better!!!

    The best part is this recipe is WW friendly and extremely low in points!!! We will be eating this a LOT!!!

  57. I just finished making this soup. I LOVE it! I put one regular can of Rotel and one of Rotel hot and gave it a nice kick. This soup is AWESOME!

  58. I recently found your recipe… and because we are a family who needs to stay away from dairy and gluten, this was a godsend – and who could’ve guessed that it would be such a close match to the CFA original?! We love it – THANK YOU!! I shared this link/page on my Facebook page, because it’s amazing!

    1. Hi Ellen! I’m so happy to hear your family loves it as much as we do. Continue to enjoy and thanks for sharing! 🙂

  59. This recipe is so spot on and amazing! Thank you so so much for sharing! This is my fiance’s favorite soup so this is totally going to make his night that I found a copy cat recipe!

  60. Thank you!!! This was SO good. I haven’t had the chik-fil-a version so I can’t compare them. But I’m so glad I made this soup! I didn’t have rotisserie chicken so I cooked some frozen breasts in my instant pot and shredded it in the food processor after the beans. 5 stars from my family and my 1.5 yr old!

    1. Hi Alisha! Yes, it freezes great! I keep a container of it in our freezer at all times for a rainy day when we’re craving it and might not have the ingredients on hand. Such a great dinner to take to a family with a newborn!

  61. Hi I was wondering if you have used or know what adjustments would be needed to use a slow cooker for this recipe?

    1. Hi Cara! I haven’t done it myself, but I think it would heat up great in a slow cooker. Just follow the first 2 steps of the recipe instructions as is and add to the slow cooker along with all of the other ingredients. Let heat on low for 3-4 hours. Hope this helps. Enjoy!

      1. I have made this multiple times in my crock pot. It turn out fine! I put it in on low for 3 hours or longer or high for an hour. I do not add the lime until the very end and then I go to low!!!!

    1. Hi Julie! Yay, so happy you love it as much as we do! Yes, it freezes great. Just store it in a freezer-safe container. Enjoy!

    1. Hi Vickie! You can find them at Target, Walmart or most grocery stores. Usually on the aisle by the salad dressings. Hope this helps. Enjoy!

    2. You can also make your own… Coincidentally, I just had Chic-Fil-A tortilla soup for dinner. (It’s what prompted me to seek the recipe!) The packet of strips with it listed ingredients. Leaving out what can’t be pronounced leaves citric acid and lime “solids,” dehydrated parsley, onion powder, and garlic powder. When eating them, I could definitely taste the lime. I would take regular tortilla chips squirt lime juice on them then sprinkle/toss them with a mixture of parsley flakes (or ground parsley flakes??), onion powder, and garlic powder to taste.

  62. Meagan, this looks sooo good! One question — most recipes drain and rinse canned beans. Do you use the bean liquid or drain and rinse?

    1. Hi Helen! No, I don’t drain the canned ingredients for this soup. The liquid from the canned ingredients contributes to the flavor and texture of the soup. Enjoy! 🙂

      1. Oh Meagan, I just killed the recipe!! I added a package of low sodium taco seasoning, as well as a packet of dry ranch seasoning. Instead of plain black beans, I used 2 cans of Bush’s Sidekicks Black Bean, Taco seasoned. I’m telling you, it’s spot on!! Along with the tortilla strips, I chopped up some green onion to give it a little freshness! This is definitely a keeper. My husband even really liked it….and he’s an East Texas meat and potato guy!!

  63. You really knocked it out of the ballpark with this recipe. This will definitely be one of my favorite go-to meals. Love, love, loved it!

  64. I just tried CFA’s soup for the first time and loved it soooo much…so I looked to google to find a copycat recipe ????
    So excited to try your recipe!! So glad I stumbled upon your blog!! Thanks Meagan!!

  65. I can attest that this recipe is amazing! It tastes just like the real stuff too! And the recipe makes enough for a huge family! I have leftovers for days! I was particularly impressed that the puréed beans thickend it so nicely and didn’t taste weird. Great way to avoid the extra fat from cream. But it tasted so creamy! My only changes were that I used a packet of low sodium taco seasoning instead of the cumin and oregano, and I diced up a jalapeño in on top of the rotel to give it an extra kick, it was delicious! I’m defiantly adding this to my list of favorite recipes.

  66. Thank you for posting this recipe! I tried it tonight and I can’t tell you how excited I am to be able to get this soup year round now.

    1. Yay! So happy y’all enjoyed it, Tracy! 🙂 We’re so ready for soup season down her in Dallas. Miss & love y’all! xoxo

  67. Hi! Made this tonight to satisfy a craving and it was spot on! The only thing I did differently was add a tsp of Chili Powder (I like a little spice!)

  68. I tried this recipe last night and it was truly excellent! The flavor was spot on and it was super easy to make! Thank you so much!

    1. I made this for a family meal on our beach trip. It was a BIG HIT with everyone! about to make again for our BMX team at a huge race event this weekend!

  69. You are a Rockstar! This is amazing! Followed your recipe exactly and couldn’tbe happier. Hubby is in heaven as well.

    1. Hi Jeannie! I don’t calculate nutritional values for the recipes on my blog, but you can easily plug the ingredients you use into an online nutrition calculator. Just google “free online nutrition calculator”.

      1. Hi Audra! Yes, it freezes great! Just let it cool completely and store it in a sealed, freezer-safe container. When ready to eat, just let it defrost and then heat to enjoy!