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Holly Jolly Kid's Snack Board by The BakerMama

Holly Jolly Kid’s Snack Board

  • Author: Maegan Brown - The BakerMama
  • Prep Time: 25 minutes
  • Total Time: 25 minutes
  • Yield: 6-8


Oh, by golly, it’s a Holly Jolly Kid’s Snack Board! This adorable snack board is as engaging as it is tasty (and healthy too!). The kids will love building and snacking on this festive board made with simple, wholesome ingredients. Holiday memories that will last a lifetime!



  1. Start by filling three round serving bowls with the hummus, ranch veggie dip and peanut butter. Place the hummus filled bowl in the upper left corner of the board, the ranch veggie dip filled bowl on the middle right side of the board and the peanut butter filled bowl on the bottom left corner of the board.
  2. To make the hummus bowl look like Santa: Place two black olive slices for the eyes. Put half of the cherry tomato in the center for the nose. Cut the top off of the red bell pepper, remove the stem and use a curved cut of the top for the smile. Remove the seeds from the red bell pepper and cut one of the sides with a pointed top to place on the board at the top of the hummus bowl for Santa’s hat. Prop the bell pepper Santa hat up with some mini mozzarella cheese balls under it, if necessary.
  3. Slice the remaining red bell pepper into strips and reserve 10 strips to make the mini mozzarella snowmen. Arrange six mini mozzarella cheese balls along the bottom of the red bell pepper hat, at the top of the serving bowl, and then one at the top to complete the Santa hat look. If the mini mozzarella balls won’t stay in place,  slice just a little off the bottom of the cheese balls so they will set flat and that should do the trick.
  4. To make the ranch veggie dip bowl look like a Snowman’s face: Place two black olive halves for the eyes and six chopped olive pieces for the mouth. Put a pointed baby carrot in the middle for the nose. Prop a snowflake cracker at the top of the serving bowl and then nine slices of salami to look like the snowman’s hat.
  5. To make the peanut butter bowl look like Rudolph: Arrange two tiny pretzel twists for the antlers. Place two chocolate chips, upside down, for the eyes and then top each chocolate chip with a candy eye. Put a raspberry in the center of the bowl for Rudolph’s nose.
  6. Place the celery sticks, pretzel tiny twists, candy eyes and M&M’s next to the Rudolph peanut butter bowl so everyone can build their own edible Rudolph by spreading peanut butter in a celery stick and then arranging pretzel twist halves for the antlers, candy eyeballs and a red M&M for the nose. So fun!
  7. To make the mini mozzarella snowmen, arrange the following ingredients on a medium skewer or toothpick in the following order: slice of black olive, mini mozzarella ball, two red bell pepper strips (for the scarf look!), two more mini mozzarella balls. Cut the tip off of a baby carrot and press it into the top mozzarella ball for the nose. Repeat with remaining ingredients until you have five mozzarella snowman skewers. Place them below the snowman dip bowl. Too cute!
  8. To make the Grinch fruit skewers, arrange the following ingredients on a medium skewer or toothpick in the following order: mini marshmallow, strawberry, banana slice, green grape. Repeat with remaining ingredients until you have nine Grinch fruit skewers. Arrange them in the top right corner of the board. Super simple!
  9. Fill in the board with the remaining snacks. Place the broccoli florets to the left of the Santa hummus bowl. Arrange the remaining carrots and bell pepper slices to the right of the Santa hummus bowl. Put the pita crackers in the center of the board. Pile the raspberries and candy cane kisses above the Rudolph peanut butter bowl. Alternate and fan the remaining Ritz snowflake crackers and salami slices to the right of the snowman ranch dip bowl.
  10. Place the white chocolate & peppermint Pretzel Crisps in the top center of the board. Line the gingerbread people cookies in the bottom right corner of the board.
  11. Serve and Enjoy!


I built this snack board on our 18″ x 12″ walnut wood board.