When building boards with a mix of cooked and cold foods, keep the warm foods from getting cold with this simple advice.

How to Serve Warm Food Boards by The BakerMama

Fewer Dishes, More Fun

One comment I see often is that hot foods must get cold on a food board. They definitely don’t have to! I always say it’s no different than taking plates of warm foods to the table, just less dishes. 😉 

More Tips and Tricks

How to Keep Food Boards Warm

When building boards with a mix of cooked and cold foods, here are my tips for keeping the warm foods from getting cold:

  • Keep the warm foods warming in a 200°F oven while you put the other foods on the board first, leaving spaces for the warm foods.
  • Add them last. Once you’re ready to eat, add the cooked foods (like pancakes or bacon) to the board and take it to the table to enjoy!
  • Keep extra warming in the oven so you can replenish the board, if necessary.

Hope this helps! ❤️


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