I had someone ask me recently why I only post the happy pictures of our boys because it makes it seem like they’re always happy. My response: because I only take happy pictures of our boys.

Mama Mondays with The BakerMama - The Happy Pictures

If they’re sad, mad, in trouble, hurt, I’m comforting them or punishing them, not taking pictures of them. The last thing anybody would want during a vulnerable moment is for someone to be taking a picture of them pouting, crying, screaming, or frowning.

I want our boys to see the camera as a positive thing that’s capturing fun & happy moments in our lives.

Mama Mondays with The BakerMama - The Happy Pictures

Of course they have their moments, like we all do, but I won’t have any pictures to remind us of it.

Just last week, I was using the bathroom and I heard this loud bang and immediate screaming. I raced to the other side of the house. The boys had knocked over a tall dresser full of toys and stuff. I first saw the twins just standing beside it screaming crying, but I didn’t see Baker. My heart sank and I started screaming his name. As I got closer to the cabinet, I saw him on the other side just staring at it in shock. Praise God! They were all okay.

Mama Mondays with The BakerMama - The Happy Pictures

Sure, I could have pulled out my camera and taken a picture of all three of them standing beside the cabinet screaming and in shock and we probably would have looked at that picture years from now and shaken our heads in relief and laughed a little at the looks on their faces, but it was the last thing I needed to do in that moment. Instead, I huddled them up and hugged them and prayed out loud thanking God for their safety in what could have been a really horrible incident. I then had them sit against the wall as I sternly explained to them why this happened, what could have happened to them and why they will never be climbing on furniture again.

After we all settled down a bit, I did take a picture of the cabinet to send to Brandon because he was out of town letting him know we’ll be bolting all furniture to the wall over the weekend and asking him how in the world I was going to get the darn thing up. It was heavy! I also wanted to post a picture so others who might not have their furniture bolted to the wall could see what could happen and will hopefully do so as well. So so scary! I’m so unbelievably thankful they were okay and back to their silly selves in no time.

Mama Mondays with The BakerMama - The Happy Pictures

The boys know I love pictures. They know how important they are to me and they actually ask me to take their picture a lot. I love that!

Mama Mondays with The BakerMama - The Happy Pictures

Mama Mondays with The BakerMama - The Happy Pictures

Mama Mondays with The BakerMama - The Happy Pictures

There are definitely moments when one or all of them are not in the mood and they’ll tell me and I’ll respect that. I just try to put myself in their shoes.

Sure, if we’re taking professional pictures or a group picture with family or friends, those are moments when they need to learn to be cooperative and I’ll explain the importance of the picture we’re trying to take and I’ll most likely bribe them with some gummy bears or a treat. Usually, works like a charm! 😉

Mama Mondays with The BakerMama - The Happy Pictures

Now that our boys are in the prime toddler years, getting them to cooperate for a group picture is darn difficult. So I’ve pretty much given up on that and try to just capture them in the moment. I let them just do their thing and those are the memories that we’ll want to see forever.

Mama Mondays with The BakerMama - The Happy Pictures

Mama Mondays with The BakerMama - The Happy Pictures

I love showing the boys the pictures I have of them and they love looking at them and recalling the memories. I hope one day to really organize these pictures so they, their spouses and their children can cherish them forever. If you have any great tips or resources for organizing pictures of your kiddos, please do share!

Why are these pictures so important to me? It’s sad, but my memory is just not the same as it used to be, it needs a little glimpse of a reminder sometimes. And I’m sure it’s not going to improve over time, in fact, it will probably get worse. Therefore, these pictures I have of our boys are so important to me as I always want to remember these years and these little moments.

Brandon also travels a lot, so pictures are all that more special to us so we can send them to Dada throughout the week or show them to him once he gets home. It makes for a fun story-time as the boys get so excited showing him the pictures and telling them about our week.

Mama Mondays with The BakerMama - The Happy Pictures

So yes, our boys have their moments (like we all do!) and no, they’re not always happy, but as a mom, it is my role and responsibility in that moment to comfort, encourage, discipline and love on them. My phone or camera never comes out. I know how tempting it can be sometimes to pull out the camera when you want to document a moment that would make for a funny memory for you, but probably not funny to them at that time. Put yourself in their shoes and ask if you would want someone taking your picture in that moment. Probably not. If pictures are important to you, make the camera a positive thing that only captures the fun and happy moments.



I’m starting Mama Mondays as a way to discuss life as a mom with other moms. We all have our ways and opinions, but I find it so encouraging and inspiring to discuss motherhood with other moms. Therefore, your feedback is so encouraged as long as it’s respectful. We’re all in this together!

And I’m no expert, as I’m just learning as I go and leaning on other moms for advice, support and encouragement. I hear we will survive! 😉

If you have any topic ideas for Mama Mondays that you would like me to start a discussion about, please email me (info@thebakermama.com) or comment below!

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  1. I LOVE this! I think a lot – especially in the day and age we live, people shrink from sharing all of the positive things in life because other people criticize saying it’s not “real”. I don’t know about you, but I think the fun would be sucked out of instagram if people only started sharing bad moments. I like to think I’m a positive person, and I want to be surrounded by positivity. I also love that your boys will grow up with these happy memories on record.

  2. Love this Maegan! You are absolutely spot on! I took lots of pictures of my three growing up. My one regret, is that I didn’t take more pictures of them playing with their favorite toys! I wish I had pictures of the girls with their elaborate Barbie villages, complete with a pet store. I wish I had pictures of my son’s TMNT lair, or when the Star Wars figures took on the Avengers. I kept a lot of the toys. But seeing pictures of my kids, doing what they did best, would have been so much better! Snap away, moms!

  3. Love Mama Mondays… even though I’m not a Mom this means I can stay more up to date on your life. I love you sweet girl!

  4. I don’t even have kids yet and this was beautifully written. Advice I will definitely take to heart. Thank you.

  5. I loved this post, Maegan! You are such an amazing mama and your boys’ smiles always light up my day 🙂 Kids really do grow so fast and our pictures are what will help us remember all those wonderful memories. Can’t wait for more of Mama Mondays 🙂 xo

  6. I love the happy smiles of your boys. It reminds me when my twins were little and so full of fun and energy. I love that you find so much joy in the everyday things in life. Hugs!

  7. I love this post. What I love about your pictures are yes, the boys are always smiling or having a good time, but you don’t portray that they’re perfect. I always look forward to seeing those cute faces show up in my Instagram feed and I love that you keep it positive!

    1. Thanks Jessica! It’s certainly crazy around here, but we try to make it fun! Thanks for your sweet comment!

  8. I love this so much meagan! I’m with you, I love taking pictures of my sweet boy and definitely want him to learn to love having his picture taken and taking pictures. You are such a wonderful mama, I just know it! I’m so excited for this series and I hope we can meet someday too!

    1. Thanks Aimee! You are such an amazing mama, too! I can’t believe how fast Colby is growing. I know how important pictures are to y’all too and just love all the sweet moments you post of him. xoxo

  9. I am so excited about this new series!! Whenever I see your gorgeous boys I wish we could have a play date! They seem crazy and wild just like my boys. Can’t wait for more!! Xoxo

    1. I know, Liz! I think the same thing every time I see your handsome sweet boys! We would have such a blast getting all these boys together. Hopefully, one day… xoxo

  10. Very well put! I love that you show the positive moment of your day. Often times it’s been a highlight to my day to see those Brown smiles. Glad those angels weren’t hurt last week. Big hugs to you all. XO

    1. Thanks Jennifer! I can’t wait for you to meet them soon…just hoping they don’t scare you & your sweet girls away! 😉 xoxo

  11. First of all I just love seeing your pictures of your boys come up in my feed. They are so cute & I bet when they are older they will be just as good of friends as they are now. I love this topic you posted. I too only take happy pictures. I would never take a picture of my son crying or angry or getting in trouble. That is really the last thing I am thinking in those moments. But happy moments–I want to capture those ones because they make ME happy and I am sure others as well. Keep up those happy pictures-I love them! 🙂

    1. Thanks Julia! Right back at ya! I love seeing all the happy pics of your sweet boys too! They’re growing too fast, aren’t they?! xoxo

  12. I absolutely loved this post. Although I’m not a mom (yet!), I always love hearing stories and learning lessons for the future! I can’t wait to read more of these. 🙂 Plus, you have THEE most adorable little boys, so I love seeing all the photos!

  13. Hello, God bless you! i think it is amazing that you post happy pictures of your boys, it shows that there are still mothers out there that love their children so much and actually take the time to make them smile and captures the moment to keep for years to come.