In Basics by The BakerMama, I show you how to Brown Butter with simple techniques that take the mystery out of getting golden, frothy flavorful butter. With a caramel-like aroma and a nutty, savory flavor, it adds an extra layer of deliciousness to your favorite baking and cooking recipes.

How to Brown Butter by The BakerMama

Basics by The BakerMama

Welcome to Basics by The BakerMama! I created this how-to series to help beginner cooks hone their skills, make the most of their time in the kitchen, and create great family memories. I hope you enjoy!

The Science Behind Delicious Food

Quickie science lesson! When sugars react to heat, we call it caramelization. When amino acids meet heat, we call it the Maillard reaction. Butter exposed to low heat not only takes on a darker color, it causes the release of hundred of different delicious flavor compounds. The result is a frothy, nutty-tasting liquid that I use to make some of my favorite recipes even more scrumptious. What are my favorite brown butter recipes? I’m so glad you asked!

Brown Butter Pecan Pound Cake with Brown Butter Caramel Sauce

How to Brown Butter

I recommend reading all the instructions before you start. Butter browns very quickly but burns even quicker! You’ll need a light colored sauce pan (so you can see color changes right as they happen and prevent burning), a heat-proof bowl, a whisk or wooden spoon (constant stirring is key), and butter.

How to Brown Butter by The BakerMama

First, place your butter in the pan. With the butter already in the pan, place the pan on the stove and turn the heat to medium. With your whisk or spoon, move the melting butter around the pan continuously. Even heat is very important to getting the best results.

Once the butter melts, it will sizzle around the edges of the pan. Just keep stirring! As you stir, foam will form on the top. After several minutes (5-7 minutes), the butter will begin to turn golden brown. The foam will begin to dissipate and milk solids will settle to the bottom. As they toast, they create a nutty aroma. That’s your cue to remove the pan from the heat! Immediately pour the brown butter into a heat-proof bowl to cool. Congratulations! You’ve made beautifully-browned butter!

How to Brown Butter by The BakerMama

Watch to Learn More

Step into the kitchen with me and learn how to brown butter!

Ready for More Basics?

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How to Brown Butter by The BakerMama

I hope you find these simple basics helpful! When you make something with the help of my BakerMama’s Basics series, be sure to snap a picture and tag me on Instagram @thebakermama so I can see and others can be inspired!


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How to Brown Butter by The BakerMama

Basics by The BakerMama: How to Brown Butter

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Simple techniques to get golden, frothy flavorful brown butter.




  1. Place the butter in a light-colored sauce pan.
  2. Place the pan on the stove and turn the heat to medium.
  3. With your whisk or spoon, move the melting butter around the pan continuously. Stir for several minutes (5-7 minutes), until butter begins to turn golden brown and create a nutty aroma
  4. Remove pan from the heat and immediately pour into a heat-proof bowl to cool.

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    1. Hi, Sherry! This is a how-to, not for a recipe, so the amount of butter will vary depending on the recipe you’re using.