GIVEAWAY! A Few of My Favorite Things…

Welcome to the NEW BakerMama blog! If you’ve been following me for a while, the blog may look different, but it’s still me and all of my yummy recipes! For those of you visiting for the first time, welcome! You’re in for a real sweet treat, literally!

The BakerMama Giveaway

I’m so excited that I now officially own and I couldn’t be more thrilled to start building my own blog and sharing even more yummy recipes with you! I first started blogging exclusively for Gold Medal Flour, as The BakerMama, almost two years ago and what an amazing start it’s been! I’m thrilled to still be contributing great recipes to the Gold Medal Baker’s Blog about twice a week, but now I get to share ALL of my recipes, including the non-flour ones (Yay!), along with some bites into my tasty (& sometimes crazy) life!

I just redesigned and relaunched The BakerMama to improve the experience and make it more my own! It’s still a work in progress, but it’s live and I’m so so excited to start blogging and getting to know my followers & fellow bloggers even better! To celebrate, I collected a few (okay, a lot!) of my favorite things that I can’t wait to ship off to a lucky winner next week!

*This is NOT a sponsored giveaway! It’s just a few of my absolute favorite things that I’m excited to giveaway to a lucky winner in celebration of my new blog! xoxo

The BakerMama Giveaway

To learn more about each of my favorite things and why I love them so much, keep scrolling down. You have a week to win {giveaway ends 5/6/14 at 11:59pm CST} and there are lots of ways to enter, so be sure to enter as many times as possible! Good Luck!


After I came up with the idea of giving away a few of my favorite things, I realized I have lots and lots of favorite things, especially when it comes to baking supplies…surprise! surprise! I’ll have to make this whole Favorite Things Giveaway an annual thing so I can continue to share what I love using on a regular basis and what makes me extra happy! Let me tell you a little bit why I love all of these fun & cute things…

The BakerMama Giveaway

  • One of my absolute favorite places to shop for clothes and cute props is Anthropologie! Their aprons are the cutest of the cute!
  • I’m a sucker for cute cupcake liners! I think I have a huge tub full just waiting to be baked with. These adorable mini cupcake liners from The Container Store are some of my favorite because they have one of my life mottos on them: Eat More Cake! 😉
  • Another great one from Anthropologie is this magnetic retro timer. It comes in several cute colors! I have a few of them that I use on a daily basis to alert me when my goodies are done baking. I love that I can carry it around the house with me as I’m doing chores and tending to the boys!
  • This Q&A a day Five-Year Journal is so much fun! I’m on my second year right now and I love reading what my answer was to the same question on the same day last year. It’s amazing how a simple question can have a completely different answer or meaning just one year later. I’m anxious to read back through all of my answers during my fifth year of it! I love giving this as gifts to my friends too! They also make a 3-year kid’s version that I can’t wait to start with the boys when they’re a little older!
  • I love chevron and ever since the twins were born I became a coffee addict, so I’m convinced this over-sized coffee mug from Nordstrom was made for me!
  • This Made with Love cookie stamp from World Market was love at first sight for me! I love using it to bake sugar cookies for friends & family and they sure love receiving them! 🙂
  • World Market really does have the cutest kitchen supplies! These measuring cups make me smile every day! Love them!
  • Found these adorable cupcake lip glosses at Paper Source and even though Burt’s Bees is my favorite lip balm, these fun flavored glosses keep my lips tasty and my nose always smelling something sweet!
  • Mini bowls are a must for me! I use them all the time for snacks and cereal and condiments. Love love love the pattern and colors of these mini bowls from World Market!

The BakerMama Giveaway

  • I’m always giving away goodies that I’ve either baked for the blog or just want to sweeten someone’s day with! So these adorable treat tags from Meri Meri are my fave for attaching to containers or baggies of my baked goodies! A cute tag and a nice note attached to some sweet treats is sure to bring a smile to someone’s face!
  • This mini skillet from World Market has come in handy so many times! Perfect for sauteing something small, frying up a grilled cheese or flipping an omelet. Even though I have a big family, this little pan gets lots and lots of love!
  • I keep falling more and more in love with macarons, but to be honest, I’ve never baked them myself. They’re on my baking bucket list so I bought this fun pink macaron baking mat from World Market to encourage me to try them sometime soon instead of just buying them from a local bakery. I’m hoping the winner of my giveaway will be inspired by it too! I do know it works great for baking mini cookies on, so if you’re not into macarons, it’s still super handy!
  • Okay, I LOVE ice cream! Like so much that I eat it almost every single day! Yikes! Can’t stop. Won’t stop. So this adorable ice cream cone bowl from JoAnn’s practically jumped in my cart when I first saw it. Makes eating ice cream even more fun, if that’s even possible!
  • My cake stand collection just keeps growing and growing. Anytime I see a cute cake stand, I usually buy it because cake stands are like shoes to cakes and they need to look great together! I have several of these mini ruffled cake stands in a variety of colors from World Market and boy do they compliment a cake well. I also use them to hold candles or vases during a dinner party or baby shower. The best!
  • I’m sure you’re noticing a trend here! I’m obsessed with World Market! I think they live inside my brain and sell everything I can’t live without. Like these precious measuring spoons! Love love love!
  • And this pink berry basket…gotta have it! Oh World Market, you get me every single time!
  • Y’all, I’m a southern girl, born in Alabama and raised most of my life in Oklahoma so baskets of Southern Living magazines have always been in my homes. I’ve had a subscription for as long as I can remember and I save every single one of them. I love everything about it, but the recipes are always so tried and true! I’ve included a copy of the most recent issue for the winner’s reading and living enjoyment!
  • This little frosting bottle from World Market is so so handy for frosting just a few cupcakes at a time or decorating just the top of a cake with a different colored frosting. It’s so easy to use and clean and is great for letting Baker be my little helper when he’s eager to get in on the action.

The BakerMama Giveaway

  •  We have a JoAnn’s within walking distance from our house so I find myself wandering the aisles and collecting fun photo props and baking goodies on a regular basis. And they send me these crazy good coupons that I almost feel obligated to use every week! 😉 This colorful whisk, chevron spatula and mulit-colored plastic spoons are just a few of my favorite finds that make my busy baking days so cute & fun!
  • These I’m Donuts About You notecards are so stinkin’ cute! I use them for thank you notes or just thinking about you notes, and I especially love attaching them to baked goodies to give to friends and family! I first found them in my local Whole Foods bakery, but I’ve also gotten them at Paper Source.
  • I’ve been using these pop-up sponges from Williams Sonoma ever since Brandon and I got married and I’m hooked. I seriously can’t use any other sponge. They’re thick and they hold up so well. I love that I can throw it in the dishwasher to clean and freshen it up each day. If they ever stop selling these, I would be devastated!
  • My absolute favorite movie, maybe of all-time, is Pitch Perfect! I can’t get enough of it! I honestly watch it a few times every week. The music, the dancing, the laugh out lot humor, and hottie Skylar Astin make it aca-awesome! I put it on while I’m baking or blogging or just relaxing. It’s my fave and I’m counting down the days until Pitch Perfect 2 comes out!
  • My lips have a serious addiction to Burt’s Bees lip balm. I carry one with me at all times. We have one in every room of our house, in both cars, in all of my purses and diapers bags, and even right next to the oven so it’s handy while I’m baking. Couldn’t go an hour without it. The Best!
  • My mom, sister and I started these Simple Abundance Journals of Gratitude back when when I was in college and it’s truly amazing what writing down 5 things I’m thankful for each day has done for my attitude, perspective and overall outlook on life. It makes me realize on a daily basis that I have so much, big and small, to be grateful for. I love giving these as gifts to others in hopes that they will enjoy taking time each day to think through all the blessings in their life. A simple way to reflect and give thanks for all of the blessings in my life on a daily basis! I’m so grateful!
  • I absolutely love this quote from the amazing Julia Child that’s on my Whole Foods reusable bag! I couldn’t agree more which is why I love surrounding myself with people who love to eat and appreciate great food as much as I do! I use this bag almost every day!
  • I drink a lot of caffeine, but I also drink a ton of water too! We try to make it as convenient as possible to drink cold water all throughout the day. So we keep about 6 of these great water bottles from Target in our refrigerator, full of water, to just grab and drink away. If you see me, you’ll see one of these water bottles right by my side. I carry one with me at all times and I drink at least 4 full bottles a day, sometimes more! Stay hydrated, my friends! 🙂

There you have it! These are just a few of my favorite things that I’m super excited to share with you and to giveaway to a very lucky follower! Good Luck!


*This is not a sponsored giveaway! It’s just a few of my absolute favorite things that I’m excited to giveaway to a lucky winner in celebration of my new blog! xoxo

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  1. Susan Hall

    Maegan….congrats on you blog…I can tell that I will be visiting often. Wishing you every success! Susan

    • MaeganMaegan

      Thanks Kelli! I sure wish you lived closer so I could come to your classes and work off all these goodies! I still hear songs from the step class I took from you in high school and immediately think of you! Hope all is great! xoxo

  2. Kadie

    Oh this is am amazing give away .. thank you for thw opportunity.. keeping my fingers and toes crossed.. I have followed you for a while now and love your recipes..

  3. Mom

    You have done such an amazing job on this. Dad and I are so proud of you!!! And can hardly wait to eat some of these goodies.

    • MaeganMaegan

      Thanks Katie! That means so much! Your pics of sweet little Ryder are giving me baby fever again! 😉 He’s ADORABLE!!

  4. Laura

    Congratulations, Maegan!! I am very proud of you. Looking forward to checking out your new blog on a regular basis!!

    • MaeganMaegan

      Hi Lorensia! Unfortunately, this giveaway is just for the U.S., but I’ll definitely try to include other countries in future giveaways. I’m so sorry!

  5. Sonja

    Love your new blog! Good luck with it! P.S. Am really lucky that your husband works in my office…I get to sample your wonderful baking!

  6. Jessica

    Maegan- What an amazing accomplishment! And doing all this with three sweet boys under toe! Congratulations- love, love, love seeing your goodies. And give that Baker boy a squeeze from me.

    • MaeganMaegan

      Thanks Jessica! That means so much! Hope you and your precious family are doing great & hope to see y’all soon! xoxo

  7. Kaye Sears

    Congratulations on your new website ownership. We love hearing about you from your mom and will try the quinoa salad first. More good healthy and fast salads would be great.

  8. Kristen

    Maegan; I followed your blog when you were sponsored by Gold Medal and love your recipes. Can’t wait to see what else you will be making. My problem is that your blog doesn’t pop up on my blog login’ list. Do you know why? Am I doing something wrong? (I have found it on their list and “followed” you.) The other blogs that I follow do show up automatically and I would love it if yours would also. Any help would be appreciated. Congrats on your new adventure!

    • MaeganMaegan

      Hi Kristen! Thanks so much for letting me know! It should be working now! Let me know if it doesn’t. Thanks for following along! Enjoy!

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